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Carlsbad Publishing’s website provides a complete list of over 20 reference white papers targeting entrepreneurs, early-stage company investors, entrepreneurship students, and start-up companies. These detailed white papers discuss subject matter and provide proven processes and methodologies that entrepreneurs can use to substantially increase their probability of success in their fund raising efforts and ultimately introducing their company’s product, service or technology into the market place. These white papers cover subjects relating to the following:

    • Execution of Business Planning,
    • Development a Complete Business Plan, and
    • Secure Venture Funding.

Below is a summary of the current white papers on the Carlsbad Publishing’s website.

    • The Business Planning Process
    • Business Planning – Choices
    • The Business Planning Document
    • Business Planning Document versus a Business Plan
    • Form Business Planning to a Complete Business Plan
    • Proprietary, Technology, Product, or Service Offering
    • General Market Trends and Strategic, Opportunistic Market Needs
    • Target Market and Market Segments
    • Market Entry Strategy and Tactics
    • Product Competition for Targeted Markets
    • Generation of Average Selling Price and Unit Volume Projections
    • Generation of Basic Financial Pro Forma Projections
    • Market Entry Assumptions and Risks
    • Executive Summary
    • Company Introduction, Background and Accomplishments
    • Company Product Offering and Roadmap
    • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
    • Development Costs, Milestone Schedule and Associated Risks
    • Development of Complete Financial Pro Forma Statements
    • Management and Organization
    • Funding Overview, Stages and Options
    • The Company Road Show

To get an overview of each white paper go to Carlsbad Publishing’s White paper page at

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