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Being a Successful “David” in a World of “Goliaths”

Entrepreneurs need to fight the good fight every day.  Often the situation you find yourself in is much like the story of David versus Goliath.  As in this story, you are going up against insurmountable odds.  Accordingly, you are taking on a challenge that most individuals would not attempt.  As with David, the odds are long and the probability of success is small. In addition, you do not necessarily have all of the tools your competition has to be successful in the upcoming battle. This will make your road to success that much harder. But you take on the task anyway, because something inside of you tells you that you can be successful and create a product offering that is substantially better than that of the Goliath competition and at the same time be a success in the market.  In what follows is a short discussion on how to be a successful entrepreneur as a “David” in the world of “Goliaths”.

Believe in Yourself

As with any entrepreneur, the first thing you need to do to be a successful “David” in a world of “Goliaths” is to believe in yourself and your vision. Hoping that others will believe in you and see your vision of the future is not something that will happen. More often than not people will tell you that you cannot accomplish your goal of competing in a market of players that are much larger than you.  In addition, they will try to convince you to give up your plans and follow the road more traveled.  This, they will tell you, is a much easier road and much more reliable.  In this situation you need to ignore your critics.  They do not understand your will and desire to build a successful company, and more often not are telling you what they are comfortable doing.  So, ignore your critics and believe in yourself.  More often than not, in your journey as an entrepreneur, you will be the only one that believes in your vision and you ability to accomplish your task of building a successful product offering to compete in the market against your much larger “Goliath” competitors.  Many times, during this journey, colleagues will fall by the wayside, customers will tell you they are not interested, and vendors will not take the risk of working with a small start-up company.  Ignore them all and keep moving forward, it is your belief in you and your vision that will make your start-up company successful. 

Invest In Yourse

With the changes in the investment community, you need to do a lot more work to get investors’ attention and ultimately secure funding for your start-up company. The old “back of the envelope” investment scenario is all but non-existent in today’s funding environment.  If fact, having a strong plan, a differentiated product offering, and a first class team will not necessarily get you funding in today’s investor environment.  In addition, investors want to see that you have “skin in the game”.  This will not only include non-monetary time and effort, but they will also expect you to have invested “hard money” into your company.  Today’s investors do not what to be the only ones putting money into your company.  They will expect that you and your team will have invested not only time and effort, but hard money into your start-up company to move it forward.  Like “David”, you have very little funding resources at your disposal compared to your “Goliath” competitors. Therefore, you need to be prudent and “capital efficient” with your monies in order to get to a prototype early on, the general expectation of today’s angel and venture capital investors.  So, take the time, to come up with a plan and the necessary funding resources to move your start-up company to the next level. If you do not invest in yourself and your start-up company, more often than not, your potential investors will pass, as there are many other entrepreneurs that have invested their own monies to get them to the point of having a working prototype in today’s environment.

Take Your Product to Your “Goliath” Competitors

Often entrepreneurs do not put in the effort to contact their customers early on.  As a “David” in the world of “Goliaths”, this is something you necessarily need to do.  You are not walking in the door with “Intel” on your back, and as such setting up meetings with potential customers will be a much more difficult task than that of your “Goliath” competitors.  But, as the entrepreneur and “chief evangelist” of your “David” start-up company, you need to contact your customers and find a way to get you and your product offering in front of them. In addition, you need to remember to differentiate your product from your “Goliath” competitors. This is very important, as being the small player in a market dominated by large “Goliaths”; you need to convince these same skeptical customers to purchase your product offering.  So, take the time and effort to introduce your product offering to your customers and at the same time create a differentiated position yourself against “Goliath” competitors.  This will provide you with confidence in front of your investors and provide you with much more insight as to what will make your “David” start-up company successful in a world of “Goliath” competitors. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to fight everyday to move your start-up company forward. Being a “David” in the world of “Goliaths” you will often find yourself being the only one that sees your vision.  In order to be successful in this situation, you need to necessarily believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and take your product to the competition. Only by taking this approach will you be able to create a path forward to success in the market.  Remember the business world is full of “Goliaths”, but it only takes one “David” to slay the giant and change the world.

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