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Business “Planning-to-Funding” Webinar Series:

“How to Successfully Raise Money in Any Environment”




Raising money for your start-up company is difficult. This is especially today’s environment.  Learn successful and proven processes and methodologies for planning your start-up company, developing a complete business plan, and securing funding from angel investors, venture capitalists or other third party funding sources in any environment.


The Book:


At a time when millions of Americans are being pushed out of their career comfort zone and consider the possibilities of starting their own businesses, serial entrepreneur, Robert Ochtel offers his new book, Business Planning, Business Plans, and Venture Funding:   A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies”.  The book provides a definitive reference guide of proven methods, and processes to: initiate the business planning process; develop a complete and compelling business plan; and ultimately secure funding from angel investors, venture capitalists or other their party investors.


Three-Part Webinar Series:


In this three part webinar, based on the same book, Mr. Ochtel will outline his proven “planning-to-funding” approach to fund raising, with the ultimate goal of securing angel, venture or other third party equity funding  in today’s tough environment.  The processes and methodologies provided in this book have been used to raise over $50M in early stage funding from such venture capitalists as Sequoia Capital, Brentwood Associates, Oak Investment Partners, AT&T Ventures, and Intel Corporation. 


During this three part webinar series, Mr. Ochtel will cover the following:


1.      Webinar #1 (May 5, 2009): The Business Planning Process


2.      Webinar #2 (May 12, 2009): The Successful Business Plan  and 12 Essential Elements of an Investor Focused Business Plan


3.      Webinar #3 (May 19, 2009): Required Funding Preparation and 8 Essentials to Secure Funding  in Today’s Tough Environment


Comments from Previous Attendees:


“Robert’s seminar was excellent!  The processes he outlines are precise and speaks of his experience in the Venture Funding world.  I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur in the early stage funding process!” 

Charissa C. Shaw, CEO, Ergolution


“Robert Ochtel’s seminar was very informative and provided me with invaluable information. I highly recommend it for any entrepreneur.”

Dan Coogan, Co-Founder and CEO Guardient


“The seminar that Robert provides along with his newest book Business Planning, Business Plans and Venture Funding, are a must for any entrepreneur that is starting a new venture.  The information conveyed is invaluable even to companies that are already doing business and successful at it.  Robert explains step-by-step what’s required to plan your business, create a business plan, and how to go about funding such a business.” 

           JJ Richa, Serial Entrepreneur


About the Author:


Robert Ochtel is a successful entrepreneur who has raised over $50M in venture capital, written many articles that have been published in various local and national publications, and successfully sold a start-up company he was instrumental in founding to IBM for $180M.  In 2002, he founded The Carlsbad Technology Group, Inc. (, a consultancy that specializes in facilitating start-up companies in their business strategy planning and associated efforts to secure angel, venture, and private equity capital.


Who Should Attend?


This webinar series is ideal for the individuals in start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including:

·         First time entrepreneurs looking to start their own company,

·         Start-up companies looking to raise venture capital,

·         Small-to-mid-size companies looking to expand into new markets, and

·         Large, Fortune 500 companies trying to rationalize valuable resources across various product lines.


This webinar series is targeted at individuals at all levels of the organization including: C-Level Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, etc.), Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers, etc., with the following responsibilities: Strategic Planning, Strategic Marketing, Product Line Marketing, Product Line Management, Product Application Engineers, and Product Sales.



Webinar #1: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Webinar #2: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Webinar #3: Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Start: 9:00 AM (PST)  / 12:00 PM (EST)

End: 10:30 AM (PST)  / 1:30 PM (EST)




Webinar: URL and Password to be provided.




No Charge.




To sign up for the event, send an email to Robert Ochtel at:


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