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Venture Capital For Start-ups: From Planning to Funding via Published Guide from The Carlsbad Technology Group

Business Planning, Business Plans and Venture Funding – A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies


For Immediate Release

CARLSBAD, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Mar 4, 2009 — The Carlsbad Technology Group ( releases the first book of its kind that takes a planning-to-funding approach to fund raising. With the ultimate goal of securing angel, venture or other third-party equity funding, this book is a must-have for entrepreneurs, product line managers, business development managers, and corporate strategic planners alike.

Every year in the United States over 500,000 entrepreneurs look to raise venture capital for their start-up companies. These entrepreneurs, on average, spend over 300 hours developing a complete business plan. With unproven backgrounds and little fund raising experience, most of these same entrepreneurs know very little about the business planning, process, developing a complete, investor-focused business plan, or how to approach angel and venture capital investors. With only 1,800 of these same start-up companies receiving venture capital funding annually, entrepreneurs need a reference guide to substantially increase their probability of success in the venture capital fund raising process.

The book, Business Planning, Business Plans and Venture Funding – A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies, is the first definitive reference guide for entrepreneurs and provides proven methods and processes developed by the author to initiate the business planning process, develop a complete and compelling business plan, and ultimately secure funding from angel investors, venture capitalists or other third-party investors. These methods and processes are first defined, next explained, and then delineated by actual contextual examples.

With the development and publication of this book, author Robert Ochtel provides entrepreneurs with the necessary insight, proper background, rules, strategies and tactics to develop a successful start-up company and achieve their ultimate goal – secure funding and bring their product, service or technology to market.

According to Kevin Lasser, president and CEO of Pure Entropy, a start-up focused on encryption technology, “This book is the first of offer a step-by-step process in which to use the Internet to solidify an initial business idea or concept into a planning document, roll this information into an investor focused business plan, and ultimately secure funding from third-party angel, venture or corporate equity investors. In addition, through the use of a multitude of actual real-world contextual examples, every entrepreneur is provided a secure foundation in moving forward – no matter where they are in their venture funding process.”

Ochtel is a successful entrepreneur who has raised over $50 million in venture capital from firms such as Sequoia Capital, Brentwood Associates, Oak Investment Partners, AT&T Ventures and Intel. Ochtel has written many articles that have been published in various local and national publications. His consultancy, The Carlsbad Technology Group (, specializes in facilitating start-up companies in their business strategy, planning and associated efforts to secure angel, venture, and other private equity capital.

Business Planning, Business Plans and Venture Funding ” A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies is available for $49.95 at ( and


Robert Ochtel
The Carlsbad Technology Group, Inc.
7386 Melodia Terrace
Carlsbad, CA 92011
PHONE. 760-438-8750

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