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New Book simpliFies Start-up funding process for would-be entrepreneurs


At a time when millions of Americans are being pushed out of their career comfort zone and consider the possibilities of starting their own businesses, serial entrepreneur, Robert T. Ochtel offers, “Business Planning, Business Plans, and Venture Funding:   A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies”.


This book is the first of its kind to provide a definitive reference guide for entrepreneurs by providing proven methods, and processes, developed by the author, to initiate the business planning process, develop a complete and compelling business plan and ultimately secure funding from angel investors, venture capitalists or other their party investors. These methods and processes are first defined, next explained, and then delineated by actual contextual examples.


Chapter topics Include:    

·         Business planning and business plans-what’s the difference?

·         Contextual, real life examples of business planning documents and business plans

·         Bootstrap, angel, venture, and corporate partner funding

·         The road show:  getting ready and meeting with potential investors


More information on the book is available at  The book is also available at this website or


About the Author

Robert Ochtel, has used the methods and processes outlined in “Business Planning, Business Plans, and Venture Funding:   A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies  “ to raise more than $50M in venture capital, corporate, and private equity from such firms as Sequoia Capital, Brentwood Associates, Oak Investment Partners, AT&T Ventures, and Intel Corporation.  In 1998, a wireless start-up company that Ochtel was instrumental in founding was sold to IBM for $180M.  In 2002, he founded “The Carlsbad Technology Group, Inc. (, a consultancy that specializes in facilitating start-up companies in their business strategy planning and associated efforts to secure angel, venture, and private equity capital.


Entrepreneurs’ comments on Robert’s book


“Robert, this book is the first book I have read that provides me with a step-by-step process in which to develop my business plan. Thanks a lot.”

– Kevin Lasser, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of a High Technology Start-up

“Robert, I’ve been reading your book. Even as a serial entrepreneur, I’ve gotten lots of valuable advice from it.”

– Ken Stanwood, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO

“I highly recommend his book, “Business Planning, Business Plans, and Venture Funding. A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up Companies”. This book is a step-by-step guide for business planning and for approaching funding sources. I’m inspired to revive a business idea I’d shelved! This book is a must read for anyone interested in starting a business and who will require investment funds to grow the enterprise. Thanks Robert!”

Leonard Scales, Entrepreneur and Board Member of Several Start-up Companies


“I saw the author speak and was impressed enough to get the book. The book is a pretty easy read. What I liked best:
1) Great, concrete examples of business planning documents and business plans
2) In-depth descriptions of different types of funding available (angel, venture, corporate, etc.)

I would definitely recommend this book if you are planning on starting a new business, or if you have a start-up company”

Melissa Ewing, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of a Retail Start-up





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