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Venture Capitalists Prefer Large Established Markets!

Many entrepreneurs only focus on bleeding-edge, burgeoning markets when developing their company’s technology, product or service offering. This is done for several reasons, including:
• Burgeoning markets have limited competition,
• Ability to establish an early foot-hold to increase the perceived “value” of their company, and the
• Difficulty in developing a differentiated, long-term competitive advantage in an established market.

I recently published this article on . It outlines why this burgeoning market approach may be too risky for many venture capitalists and then provides five reasons why venture capitalists prefer large established markets over bleeding-edge technology markets.

The access the content this article go to and click on the Articles and Book Press page.

All information outlined in this article comes from my new book entitled “Business Planning, Business Plans and Venture Funding – A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up companies. This book is available at .

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