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Know the Rules of the Venture Capital Funding Game!

Have you ever tried to play a new sport or game and win, without knowing the rules, expectations or having been trained in the basic skill requirements of the game?  Well that is what 99% of new entrepreneurs do for their preparation in raising venture capital, angel funding or other third party private equity.  In addition, they have no idea on the time commitment, expense and length of time until they can expect to receive funding.  So why do these same entrepreneurs play this game called ‘venture capital funding” and expect to be successful?  The short answer is most believe they can get rich quick and then retire.  But the truth and reality are very different.  



Over the next three weeks I will outline what I believe are five essential elements that provide the entrepreneur with the necessary insight to being successful in the venture capital funding game.



All information provided comes from my new book entitled “Business Planning, Business Plans and Venture Funding – A Definitive Reference Guide for Start-up companies.  This book is available at







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